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Gail McKenzie — Founder & CEO

Gail McKenzie — Founder & CEO
With a multi-cultural career spanning more than 20 years, Gail McKenzie is highly regarded internationally for her tireless efforts to bring Humanitarian aid to African countries as well as for her ability to create opportunities for businesses around the globe. In working with government leaders and businesses to establish cultural and economic ties, her work has influenced global leadership and impacted international policy. The Belizean born businesswoman and international relations expert also serves as the assistant to the Chief of Staff of the President of Gabon. Known as Attache Mckenzie, she is widely recognized for delivering exceptional results even in the most challenging of assignments.

Andrew Williams, Jr. functions as Global Solutions Facilitator, dedicated to expanding company offerings and building collaborative linkages among a multi-lingual, multi-cultural marketing communications network of diplomats, business leaders, non-profit organizations and decision-makers worldwide.

By establishing strategic international partnerships between business leaders and government officials across the globe, Contact International, Inc. facilitates the exchange of ideas, technology, commodities and services that not only empowers economic growth but improves humanitarian conditions in developing nations, and helps accelerate emerging markets into the top ranks of global commerce.

International Business Strategists
Contact International (CI) is a premiere business management firm specializing in trade and investment initiatives. The company was founded in 1989 with an established track record in executing major initiatives for governments and corporations, whose quest is to develop business opportunities, partnerships with various nations around the globe.

With expertise in multiple industries, Contact International helps facilitate and promote development, investment and trade by fostering innovation that builds competitive advantages for the economic benefit of all parties involved. In today's global economy, the ability to perform knowledgeably across continents is critical. CI is a gateway that enables business, countries and organizations to tap into the wealth of trade and investment opportunities available on the global marketplace.

With corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, international offices in Belize City, Paris and the Republic of Gabon, Contact International provides a passport to the world. Our professional team has vast international resources and can effectively communicate at any level. At CI, we help you gain the access necessary to meet your business objectives and, more importantly, create long-lasting alliances.

Expertise and Services
Contact International provides invaluable hands-on consultation to a variety of businesses seeking to expand internationally. Over the years, CI has successfully created partnerships and alliances between nations and businesses alike, facilitating millions of dollars in trade and investment. At Contact International, we promote business sectors that offer the best potential for generating sustainable investment and trade opportunities.

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Global Awareness Campaign-You-Choose-When

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: ""
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2009 6:02:08 PM
Subject: Year-Round Valentine's Day/EarthDay Birthday (April 22) Celebration by Global Awareness Campaign - You-Choose-When: join our Teens and Parents Forum

This is your invitation to join Petya "Pett" Corby's Teens and Parents Forum (copy and paste to browser):

Forum for teens & parents discussing the problem with unplanned pregnancy. You´ll find natural solutions for successfully avoiding it.

Global Awareness Campaign "Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy WITHOUT Contraceptive Drugs, YOU CHOOSE WHEN to Become a Parent" started on MySpace in Jan 08 in a disagreement with the UK Health Minister´s decision to introduce contraceptive drugs for free to still developing under 16 years old children.

The movement is endorsed by musicians and people from all walks of life including politicians. Visit Virtual Gigs site created to play the music contributed to the cau se.

The purpose of the campaign is to make people in reproductive age around the world aware that they can successfully avoid unplanned pregnancy every time, using ONLY natural methods. There are no toxic side effects or any cost involved with them. The knowledge that medical doctors know of, but are not willing to talk about can and should be passed down to generations - there is no use-by-date on it.

Virtual Gigs is a band created out of music artist in support of the movement. The band will tour the world spreading the word for the next 10 years. Measure of the campaign’s success will be the UN and National Population Institute´s statistics published annually.

The purpose of this site is to empower:

* Girls and women with the ability to choose when to become pregnant.

* Boys and men to avoid being trapped in a relationship due to unplanned pregnancy.

* Ultimately all of us w ill contribute to the reduction of global population by CHOICE, using knowledge and sharing it.

Global Awareness Campaign "Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy WITHOUT Contraceptive Drugs, YOU CHOOSE WHEN to Become a Parent" official website.


I Support the Global Awareness Campaign



I Support the Global Awareness Campaign


Banner Made By: 4GDesigns

How to Avoid Unplanned pregnancy Every Time You Have Sex WITHOUT Using Contraceptive Drugs

Short book of researched, practical knowledge about SUCCESSFULLY avoiding unplanned pregnancy everywhere, every time using only natural methods.

Download your copy of the book in English for ONLY $14.22

Download your copy of the book in Spanish "Como prevenir un embar azo imprevisto cada vez que tienes sexo – SIN medicamentos anticonceptivos" for ONLY $14.22

GLOBAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy Without Contraceptive Drugs
YOU CHOOSE WHEN to Become a Parent

Make the Valentine´s Years of your life spacial: more romantic and free from worries about Unplanned Pregnancy.


We would like to offer you the book
"How to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy Every Time You Have Sex WITHOUT Using Contraceptive Drugs"*
as a ALL YEAR-ROUND Valentine´s Day present.

*"How to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy... " is a book of researched, practical knowledge about successfully avoiding Unplanned Pregnancy using simple and easy to apply natural methods every time. They are known and proven. Even medical doctors are well aware of them, but NOT WILLING to recommend.

Global Awareness Campaign Mission
To empower all women with the ability to choose when to become pregnant
To help men & women avoid being trapped in relationships they do not really want
Contributing to the reduction of global population we cannot look after, feed, educate
By avoiding Unplanned Pregnancy we avoid abortion and its side effects
By avoiding Unplanned Pregnancy without drugs the entire family avoids their side-effects
By avoiding Unplanned Pregnancy we have a better chance of keeping children at school
By avoiding Unplanned Pregnancy we avoid making children that may start life in poverty

*"I have been working and still following a work routine of 17/7 for the past 15 months. I funded the work process of writing, publishing and promoting the book in English and Spanish as well as the mission with the money from the sale of my house after my divorce 3 years ago..." Pett (Petya) Corby, Author, Founder of Virtual Gigs** band

**Virtual Gigs band is created with music artists who support the message. The band will never have a fixed amount of members for it will grow with every professional or non-professional musician from all countries around the globe who will ever join the movement... It is to become the biggest ever band created to support a charitable cause.

Global Awareness Campaign and Virtual Gigs band


Global Awareness Campaign SUPPORT Since 12 January 2008

Doug Wead, Presidential Historian and Best Selling Author

Music Artists:
Theodore Jenkinson
Chris Fournier
Lee Mitchell
Aysha Webb
Pat Mastelotto
Fabulous Hatz
Anthony Mitchell
Jake R iley
Peter Hepworth
Aaron English
Joao Diniz

Professionals/Not For Profits:
Barbara J. Semple, Natural Health
SIRIUS, cinematographer
Jan Lungberg - ECO Activist
Daniel Callahan, LMSW, Personal Development Coach and Pett Corby´s co-author for the second edition of her book
Tanya Michell, CEO Tanya Mitchel Inc.
Bernard Schnee, Senior Minister
Dr Gerry Patnode Ed.D. -- Professor of Leadership and Management
Alan B. Densky, CH Neuro Linguist
Kira Washington
William R. Patterson, a Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur
James Lee Valentine , an Author, Public Speaker
Tammy, Coach
Scott LaMothe, Theha Healer
Anna Mezzone, professional
Rev. Dr. Anne Frances
Kim Clark, Internet Marketer
Chris Lewis, MH (Master Herbalist), CMT
Nazneen Khwaja, Expert Natural Healing
Carol Adler, President/CEO, Dandelion Books, LLC
Kathi Harris, Internet Marketer
Michael Copeland, Internet Marketer
Dick Scott, Internet Marketer

And over 20,000 followers met personally across 200+ Social Networks


Global Awareness Campaign SPONSORS
* Pett (Petya) Corby
* Personal friends and family
* Chris Hill, CEO Hill Site Designs
* Aujon Smith, CEO 4GDesigns
* Andrew Williams, Jr:



What is most important: TRAINING or EDUCATION?

Well, to help you answer this think,
Would you prefer your teenage daughters to have?
Sex training or sex education?

Imagine all young people around the world being
able to choose when to become parents.
Do you think we’ll have overpopulation running out of hand?
An army of hungry, unwanted children?

Click on the link to find the solution.

Imagine all young people around the world being
able to avoid Unplanned Pregnancy every time.
Do you think we’ll have the issue of ´Abortion´?
Children giving birth to children?
Forced relationships and marriages?

There is way!
In fact, there is a very simple knowledge,
being made available to everybody on our planet.
This is my intention with the launch of Global Awareness Campaign,
"Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy WITHOUT Contraceptive Drugs,
YOU CHOOSE WHEN to Become a Parent".

Read about our Mission.

You are able make a difference now!
The good news is that change is attainable.
It is simple and easy to do... with PLEASURE!
Imagine what it feels like to be in the arms of a loved one -
whe n you and your partner’s feelings are mutual!

Do you like sex?

If you said yes, please click here to see
what irrevocable harm IS being caused to our planet and
what YOU can do about it by better understanding
UNPLANNED PREGNANCY and how it can be easily avoided.

I choose to make a difference NOW!
I would be honored if you follow me!

Love and Blessings,
Pett Corby

Founder of the Global Awareness Campaign and "Virtual Gigs" band
Author, "How to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy Every Time You Have Sex
WITHOUT Using Contraceptive Drugs"

P.S. Please forward this email to your friends and family.

Many asked me what is our goal, how we plan to achieve it and how they can help...


2020 1 billion individuals to know how to successfully avoid Unplanned Pregnancy (UP), APPLYING the simple knowledge and passing it down to another 1 billion.

* What we need to make this happen right now is thousands of friends to be spreading our message to thousands of their own friends.
* What we kindly ask you to do is any (or all) of those below:

1. Add our URL to your Social Network Profile Page with the txt: I support Global Awareness Campaign "Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy WITHOUT Contraceptive Drugs, YOU CHOOSE WHEN to Become a Parent". Donate here.

2. Forward this email to your list with a note from you saying: "Let's help a worthy cause by joining our efforts for Christmas and beyond."

3. Discuss the matter with your colleagues and friends encouraging them to do the same.

4. Visit our website, support our cause with $20 or more and receive great gifts valued at over $1800. Click the "View Gifts" button.

The matter of UP/Overpopulation concerns all of us: wo(men), poor or rich. We are together in the same ´boat´ this time.

Keep in your heart that abandoned, abused, neglected or turning bad children are often the result of UP.

No amount of industrial development will sustain our planet if we don't learn to control population growth; if we don't start to Develop Ourselves. Luckily controlling population growth is simple to do by everyone. What we lack is a mass awareness. This is what our Globa l Awareness Campaign is all about.

Merry Christmas! Let there be fewer unplanned pregnancies in 2009!

We thank you in advance for your help!

Love & Blessings
Pett Corby, on behalf of "Virtual Gigs" band

Founder, Global Awareness Campaign and "Virtual Gigs" band
Author, "How to Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy Every Time You Have Sex WITHOUT Using Contraceptive Drugs"

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$99.00 Benefit Card [pays TC Operator $25 per card sold]- provides online coupon discounts to Citizens of (AND visitors to) the U.S. and Canada: Sample: * Global Solutions Facilitator * skype: andrew.williams.jr

Sophia Hong - Greenaction.ning

Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2009 8:58:52 AM
Subject: greenaction fund fundraising

I am honored to have been among the first to join greenaction, through our Ecademy connection last year, and am now privilieged to actively help with your fund-raising campaign.
I accept your terms and conditions. I work with others. Please complete the attached document.
Best regards. Happy Year of the Dragon!
我很榮幸能有首批加入greenaction ,通過我們的Ecademy方面去年,我現在privilieged積極幫助您的籌款活動。


Andrew Williams, Jr.
Zero Time Solutions Facilitator

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Sophiahong洪铭灿
Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2009 6:05:24 AM
Subject: greenaction fund fundraising

dear Andrew
thanks for your great supporting to Greenaction Fund !!!
about this fundraising campaign details :
1, google search engine links on
or links below

you can add them as a basic information to some potential investors ,greensponsors

2, Greenaction Fund now have 100,000 original share each share value is uk2dollar to sell ,
the GREENACITON FUND offer 5% green-commission for fundraiser currently !
If you successfully , still have more shares offer to you for sell further.

3, Greenaction Fund utimately will IPO to manifest our strategy and commitment !

4, Greenaction Fund based on Sophiahong's greenfilm projects with 5 series for greenaction storm allover the world.
so if any greensponsors donate per greenfilm with $900,000 , my studio will share half profit later (and if sponsors agree with my suggestion that is invest this half profit to GREENACTION FUND as a shareholder it will more profitable in the future!)

SO hope hear from you about this fundraising activities!
have a wonderful week!
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: ""
Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2009 6:49:16 AM
Subject: 使用 Google 自定义搜索来优化我的搜索引擎!

dear Andrew you are welcome join our fundraising campaign !!! have a good week. sophiahong Greenaction Fund

Green Action Fund 绿色行动基金已邀请您参与他们的自定义搜索引擎: 绿色行动基金 Green Action Fund。



除了参与其他人的搜索引擎外,您还可以在自己的网站上构建和部署搜索引擎,使用 Google 自定义搜索几分钟即可完成。 如果您有兴趣创建自己的搜索引擎,请点击此处开始



Google 自定义搜索小组

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: greenaction
To: ""
Sent: Saturday, May 9, 2009 11:05:38 PM
Subject: On greenaction: Greenaction Fund Strategy and Commitment!

A message to all members of greenaction

dear all our greenactionists , Greenaction fund established by CEO Ms.Sophiahong and CNO Mr.Lucas Wysrch ,now we seeking valuable shareholders world-wilderly, about the details of Greenaction fund Strategy &Commitment ,view greenaction fund website .

Visit greenaction at:

Ecademy ID: 320387 Last visited: 10-May-09 6:43am Signed up: 19-Jul-08

Fifty Words

independent green filmmaker&artist, spearhead greenaction &greenvalue behavior by her greenfilm &artistic works for more than six years, happiness, health, wealth, successful, eco-system, nature, Taoism, Buddhism, eco-artistic educate green culture, beauty, good, truth, my dream is reality that is greenaction make the world being paradise.
Find other people like this - View the top key words on Ecademy - Clubs like this


1.Superstar heroine of greenaction ------->

Since 2001, Sophiahong, an independent green filmmaker&artist has spearhead worked to combat the negative effects of industrialize economic developing cause climate change in China. All her efforts include anti-corruption behavior and green action by her greenfilm &artistic works for more than six years,with her artistic research for green action can dedicated to educating public on the risks, challenges, and solutions to climate change.

as a green artist and a greenfilm producer,director,screenwriter,heroine actress,sophiahong use the recycle paper do her green water color paintings and videos,speech works with a naturalist's vivid & fresh feeling and emotion of a ecologicalist's awareness,also combine the aesthetics of eastern & western culture.all the inspiration just came from her greenfilm series since 2002!

The green paintingseries just stems from the inspiration of her green film series. the materials stick to use water color and the recycle paper also express her anxious and rebel for the undisciplined human desire destroyed enviorment,meanwhile she infinite look forward to rebuilding the pure land with the harmony living together between the human and nature throughout the green action.
-------->Sophiahong's Greenlight gallery paintings online promote sales

The green videos "under the double inflation" just show great concern about all the victim condition of homeless and weakness on the earth. The narrative focus on a street catty just survives for 15 days with his eyes disease and bad condition during the Sichuan earthquake period.

The greenvideo series"before greenOLYMPIC2008" tell us what happened before greenOLYMPIC2008?what change in every where BEIJING July2008? we just see grassroots go hometown, OLYMPIC not involved them......what is eco-humanity? this greenvideo make more concern our eco-civilization!

The green videos"grassroots series" and "storm series"will closely pay attention for our eco-humanity crisis nowadays and continue for greenaction !!!

The green speech "Climate change bring about the value change"
will give us the taste of green life and some solutions about the crisis.

Sophiahong's greenphotos and greendance&singing&perfermance online show meanwhile now the sophiahong's greenart works include greensong dvd just on sale , if anyone who interesting with it that can directly buy or donate to greenactionparty ,more details check out the greenaction website !!!

2.About Sophiahong' greenaction party :
21century is a challenge era, we facing so much unexpected crisis with climate change, how do we can sustainable development? How could we get sustainable relationship with moral right?
The greenaction party spearheaded by independent greenfilm artist Sophiahong just show us the solutions.
the party for everyone who are like to do green action projects with seeking greener partners and stuffs or finding fashion advertis platform to present their greener products to the public and get greenaction awards of their charity donation and supports ! with our hand in hand greenaction will make the world being a paradise!


3.Sophiahong's Green-art-film Projects description:
If there is a single theme that resonates throughout this movie, it is the importance of setting one's sights high and firmly sticking to one's convictions to do green action!
because In this project, it spend 6 years to make my dream come ture!
(in the 3rd year and the 6rd year ,i ever rejected a investment money and a donation partron that all due worried some corruption problem in it ,i just want to do a pure green film that related with the eco-enviorment protection!)
Time past time,utill today ,we also fight with corruption such wrong value and behavior destroyed whole belief and happiness basis, only giving people material life and the animal appetities, this help us understand why people so rich but so poor in their spirits, their soul is so anguish , forlornness and despair, they lose real horamony in whole life. there is no escaping this disturbing situation, except a man who like lies and make excuses.
when we facing the truth ,we are need totally and deeply responsibility for our behavior and value's issues.
someone says 21th is a female century, it's ture,because its means a new more profound, a wareness of the sanctity and dignity of every human life, regardless of race,sexcial ,or religions. it's pure respect for the practical law and reconstitute value ,it's balance value .
All corruptions, wars, seizes,greedys and sins will be purnishment and eliminate just because it'll destroyed our totally enviroment including natural resouses and humanity civilization !
Maybe it's difficult, but no escape.that's my green film want to say and show to the public.
10 years ago ,i realize these issues, but at that time, china just ignoranced such issues(also including all the developing nations aroud the world such as asia ,afica,south american,etc...) the society primary rule is developing economy,so mostly ignoranced such issues (also including some developed nations and companys if they just think about catch profits and resources and energy in low price from these undeveloped area.)
Belonging an artist's heritage sentitive, i transcend that period, i already has a historical errand and human culture obeligation, i done my green movie by a stronger belief that is responsibility for our future and the earth , i believe it's correctly direction. that's why i want to tell this story about protection enviroment . the allegory is absolutely clearly advoted the greenaction confidence as goddess always in love.
If the movie finished and release, it'll bring back our valuable knowledge ,it maybe sharing best practices that enable everyone to action and change behaviors and values aroud the global climate change issues!
As someone says: Anything that is morally right is ultimately good for business!

4.About sponsor's donation: at least RMB5million or $900,000 /per film
Charity green sponpors combine together for our same dream being great manifest!
with our hand in hand greenaction will make the world being a paradise!

5.About Sophiahong's Superstar heroine greenartfilm studio :

Superstar Heroine greenartfilm studio established in 2005 in beijing,the famous culture center in China !

As an independent filmmaker , producer, screenplay, herione, Sophiahong is the soul leader of her talented and innovative team including 40 specialists in the development,production,distribution.
Studio will bring the greenaction influence to the domestic& international market. to really benefit to the global public !
The studio purpose to promote friendship,enlarge exchange,strengthen cooperation and develop together. it will carry the soul of humanity culture to the world, meanwhile it will bring back high quality sponsors from everywhere around the whole world!

6.Cooperation Form:
shares rewards and awards ,brand advertising in the movie,exihibition to global public in the international filmfestivels and multimedia green- art-film events&champions!

7.Sophiahong's GreenArtFilms forecast:
Construction period: 1 mouth for pre stage , 1 mouth for produce, 2 mouth for post stage
Release time :1 year in china&asia and european ,american market.

8.Sophiahong' green-art-film projects With sponsors' donation for sustainable win-win development!
dear all greeners you are welcome
we can develop win-win cooperation as you know i seeking green sponsors for my greenfilms
if you successful introduction ,my studio offer 5% green commission , if you are sponsor ,will be shared half profit later. if you are angel investor ,will have 30%shareholders for sure.
happy new year , all blessing to you and good luck in 2009!


9.blogs by Sophiahong------>(more blogs :
About Greenaction turn to the Global Citizenship destination!
by sophiahong, March9, 2009

keywords: bureaucratic corruption power, national security of natural resources, people's human right and humanity requirement , charity and democracy and freedom based on moral right love , our kindness law based in our heart and the way for our greenacton, the global citizenship period just upcoming!

Just one year, our life of world frame had being changed and damaged so rapidly that most nations of people still stay at before experiences with corruption of bureaucratic authority power covering who never want to wake up to view this illusion broken already but this is urgent time also opportunities for our wiser humanbeing to think about our present &future sustainable survive with greenaction forward strengthen !!!

today we realize our duty and responsibility of greenaction is original from the simply logic which is
" if the kindness people working successfully that the bad things will disappear more and more !"
also means
"if the love of life being truly exist that the hate of damage power will homeless for sure!!! "

that is why we caring about people's human right and humanity requirement so much with our effort ,that is why we supporting charity &democracy&freedom based on moral right love so much within our belief and practice ,that is why we lighting our kindness law based on our heart and the way out for our greenaction to turn the trend to the global citizenship destination!

with the trend of global citizenship ,we don't need any political bureaucratic power controlling ,
we don't need any national army limitary policeman weapon power which already seized huge materials&energy &resources of each country that mostly used as killing tool against their own national citizens by human right of humanity awareness grow up, so if they make the excuse for national security of resources and energy that is absolutely wrong&liar which just used by their small beneficiary political group power .that is no exception when we research the facts acrossing the whole world everywhere and corners in this planet.

so everybeing with thinking should ask : what should we do ?someone will lost hope because they believe this is a personality issue originally based on corruption shadows and now under the industrialize civilize destination controlling stronger
but we know we are personality with wiser of truth and greenaction ! so if we just change this destination by each of us ourselves and hand in hand ,we can help strenghthen this trend happening ,

if someone surely don't want to change just follow that damage power that is also a free choise ,but we are greenactionists with special missions and awareness who shouldn't just see but no greenaction that is the reason why we can influence and to change the world more green trend and more global citizenship ,no nation borders ,no army damage, no political liars ,no economic greedy, no playgame of darkness.

indeed we need survive sustainable and friendly& naturally and green lifestyle that means more simple more vegetarian more eco-health more cleaning technology more green energy more creative efficacy that means our value and culture based on natural rule &moral law without any shadow influence of the corruptly bureaucratic authorities which since ancient time already deeply control all humanbeing behaivior destination and bring all the wars conflicts together!!!

if we follow our wiser of truth &kindness &moral right , we just see the whole world change to being a familiar love place with charity &democracy &freedom based on moral right and natural rule!!! on that process our global citizenship period just upcoming!!!

welcome view sophiahong's greenvideo"love4 " which related with this topic on greenaction website ---

Good news for all Dear greeners, sophiahong's greenart works DvD series on sale premium by SUPERSTAR HEROINE GREENARTFILM STUDIO!
list of DVD as below presents:
1' greenvideos of named"superstar greenaction in 2009" ----- $30USD/200RMBper
greenvideos of named"before green Olympic 2008" ----- $30USD/200RMB/per
greenvideos of named"under the double inflation" ----- $20USD/150RMB/per
greenvideos of named"love series" ----- $20USD/150RMB/per
greenvideos of named"grassroots series" ----- $15USD/100RMB/per
greenvideos of named"storm series" ----- $10USD/60RMB/per
2' greensongs of named"love caring "partA & B with 33 songs in it ----- $30USD/200RMB/per
3' greendance of named"stepping "&"flying" ------$30USD/200RMB/per
4' greenphots of named "superstar greenaction in Beijing" with30pics ------$30USD/200RMB/per
5' greenpaintings of named"Taoism follow the nature" with 30pics ------$30USD/200RMB/per
6' greenspeech of named"climate change bring about value change"
chinese vision ------$30USD/200RMB/per
english vision ------ $30USD/200RMB/per

Another news is about sophiahong's greenbook being get ready for publish and sale online by SUPERSTAR HEROINE GREENARTFILM STUDIO!

The greenbook of named"superstar heroine of greenaction " will show all the greenaction art film experience of these years of sophiahong what she just done by herself since china's economical opening up reform that cause the great lost of moral standard of traditional scream culture parts and what she persisting for greenaction to help the change of awareness one by one !!!

Last news is as you know i just seeking green sponsors for my greenfilm series (per $900,000)
if you successful introduction ,my studio offer 5% green commission , if you are sponsor ,will be shared half profit(50%) later. if you are angel investor ,will have 30%shareholders for sure.
email adress & account infos at greenaction party----
phone: 00861064661990