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Gail McKenzie — Founder & CEO

Gail McKenzie — Founder & CEO
With a multi-cultural career spanning more than 20 years, Gail McKenzie is highly regarded internationally for her tireless efforts to bring Humanitarian aid to African countries as well as for her ability to create opportunities for businesses around the globe. In working with government leaders and businesses to establish cultural and economic ties, her work has influenced global leadership and impacted international policy. The Belizean born businesswoman and international relations expert also serves as the assistant to the Chief of Staff of the President of Gabon. Known as Attache Mckenzie, she is widely recognized for delivering exceptional results even in the most challenging of assignments.

Andrew Williams, Jr. functions as Global Solutions Facilitator, dedicated to expanding company offerings and building collaborative linkages among a multi-lingual, multi-cultural marketing communications network of diplomats, business leaders, non-profit organizations and decision-makers worldwide.

By establishing strategic international partnerships between business leaders and government officials across the globe, Contact International, Inc. facilitates the exchange of ideas, technology, commodities and services that not only empowers economic growth but improves humanitarian conditions in developing nations, and helps accelerate emerging markets into the top ranks of global commerce.

International Business Strategists
Contact International (CI) is a premiere business management firm specializing in trade and investment initiatives. The company was founded in 1989 with an established track record in executing major initiatives for governments and corporations, whose quest is to develop business opportunities, partnerships with various nations around the globe.

With expertise in multiple industries, Contact International helps facilitate and promote development, investment and trade by fostering innovation that builds competitive advantages for the economic benefit of all parties involved. In today's global economy, the ability to perform knowledgeably across continents is critical. CI is a gateway that enables business, countries and organizations to tap into the wealth of trade and investment opportunities available on the global marketplace.

With corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills, California, international offices in Belize City, Paris and the Republic of Gabon, Contact International provides a passport to the world. Our professional team has vast international resources and can effectively communicate at any level. At CI, we help you gain the access necessary to meet your business objectives and, more importantly, create long-lasting alliances.

Expertise and Services
Contact International provides invaluable hands-on consultation to a variety of businesses seeking to expand internationally. Over the years, CI has successfully created partnerships and alliances between nations and businesses alike, facilitating millions of dollars in trade and investment. At Contact International, we promote business sectors that offer the best potential for generating sustainable investment and trade opportunities.


  1. Thanks for the information. Also one of the essential business and marketing strategies, whether expensive or cheap, is showing your clients your appreciation for them and making them feel special. Customers are likely to respond more and opt for having trading relations with your company, if they receive a sense of recognition from your business.

  2. Absolutely correct... please keep an eye on on/after June 1, 2009 for a roll-out of customer attraction, retention and reward programs and packages.

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