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The Brad Carson Story - Parts 1, 2, and 3 (The Continuing Legacy of Dr. George Kozmetsky and GBI) as to the Revitalization of the Los Angeles Economy


It was a pleasure speaking with you at length earlier today regarding production, promotion and management of “The Brad Carson Story” Parts 1, 2 &; 3, as discussed and described in previous pre-production meetings (copy and paste this link to browser: http://andrewwilliamsjr.blogspot.com/).


The most time- and cost-effective method for the City of Los Angeles to capture both Stimulus Package and Innovation Award funding PLUS revitalize travel and tourism so important for “Hollywood” “Inglewood/LAX” and the entire Southern California Region by engaging Sister Cities International communities worldwide is to fund “The Brad Carson Story 1-3” as its virtual, media and digital “Ambassador” is to subsidize the 3-part production into docudrama/reality tv/dvd/games, as quickly as possible.


The Brad Carson Story Part 1

According to investigations conducted by federal, state, county and municipal and private agencies and individuals, broadcasts by Los Angeles television stations, publications including “The Truce”, the issuance of numerous awards and commendations, and summarized in the “On The Air” show moderated by Tonia McDonald, with Paul McDonald as Executive Producer for Global Business Incubation Inc, Brad Carson, almost singlehandedly, forged a collaboration among “gangs” that brought to close a “race war” in the Oakwood section of Venice, California that, at its height, wounded almost 100 people, mostly non-gang members, over a 90 day period in 1994 – that is still in effect now – almost 15 years later.

From 1994 through 2008, Brad Carson, working with 100 other faith-based organizations (the “collective”) and the labor union, used “set-asides” to employ “at risk” youth aged 18 – 24 (Jobs Create Peace) that successfully processed over 1,000 ex-felons into well-paying union jobs, in major CRA construction contracts, including the $7 Billion Playa Vista project, and contributed to a reduction in the recidivism rate from 70% to 5% or less

Working through Jobs Create Peace (JCP), United Jobs Creation Council (UJCC), and his own construction company, Brad worked with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagairosa and City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo (using the city’s drug abatement process) to acquire, and employ, through the graduates of the JCP/Labor Union’s “at risk” youth training program to successfully re-model former “crack houses” that became “dream homes” for first-time home buying low income families, subsidized by the City of Los Angeles.

The Brad Carson Story – Part 2

In 2008, Brad, the Union, the “collective”, and several hundred youth held a Prayer Rally to influence the Los Angeles City Council to PERMANENTLY include a “set aside” for ALL CRA CONTRACTS awarded to implement the Jobs Create Peace paradigm throughout the City of Los Angeles.

The law was passed with a unanimous vote by the Los Angeles City Council, and is in effect for the CRA-LA/ULI-LA $5 Billion Jordan Downs/Watts redevelopment project (http://www.uli.org/sitecore/content/ULI2Home/News/ULI%20in%20the%20News/2009%20Archives/Content/May%202009/26%20May%20California%20Real%20Estate%20Journal.aspx)

The Brad Carson Story – Part 3 / Continuing the Legacy of Dr. George Kozmetsky / “Privatizing the Set-Aside through Community Wealth Creators Business Incubation Hubs”

Through his work with the Los Angeles County Probation Department (for the “South Los Angeles” area), Brad has actively championed and implemented many of the “Ten Smart Teams” and “Zero Time” principles and protocols developed by the late Dr. George Kozmetsky –[Chairman Emeritus of Global Business Incubation, Inc. Founder of Teledyne, and Founding Director of the world-famous IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin] and Dr. Raymond Yeh [Loyola Marymount University], through mentorship training still championed by Global Business Incubation, Inc.’s Chief Researcher, Paul McDonald, President, Tonia McDonald, and current Chairman, Lou Myers.

Mayor Anthony Villagairosa, the Los Angeles City Council and the CRA/LA are now working hard to capture Stimulus Package funding from the Obama Administration.

Faced with both the $2 Billion Hollywood Redevelopment Project and the $5 Billion CRA/LA South Los Angeles Redevelopment Projects, Brad intends continuing the Legacy of Dr. George Kozmetsky to support their efforts by replicating the successful Jobs Create Peace/Labor Union/CRA/Faith Based Institutions collaboration to capture “set asides” for “at risk youth” in “distressed communities” AND by employing Dr. Kozmetsky’s Community Wealth Creators Business Incubation Hubs to “privatize”, capture, monetize and sustain local tax rolls and community [residential and commercial property] ownership in targeted areas, utilizing new media, digital marketing and construction training programs, platforms and protocols.


At the urging of Global Business Incubation’s Zero Time Solutions Facilitator, Brad will also be encouraging Mayor Villagairosa to activate and monetize Sister Cities International infrastructure to transmutate the benefits enjoyed in Los Angeles to empower communities worldwide with by replicating the “Community Wealth Creators Business Incubation Hubs” in NEW Sister Cities International relationships with cities as diverse as Dakar, Senegal (joining Washington, D.C.) and Hamilton, Bermuda (affording Los Angeles the opportunity to become the first “twinning” city, along with [proposed] Las Vegas], capturing worldwide attention and stimulating travel, tourism and Direct Foreign Investment in support of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals 2015 [hosted by Dakar, Senegal in 2009].

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